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Our story

Our military and veterans have given up many things in their service to our country. Those who are deployed should not have to worry if their kids have enough breakfast before school or if the baby will have diapers and food. Many spouses lose jobs when they transfer to a new area with their military member. There are several hundred thousand combat injured vets who are waiting for a medical determination and have no income during the up-to 18 months that determination can take. There are a host of other reasons they end up in a tight money squeeze and the bottom line is they just need some help to get through this crisis and back on their feet.

An added benefit to the pantry is that we work very closely with the Family Action Center Specialists, the VA Hospital, SSVF, Salvation Army, Veterans Centers in 5 counties and many military support organizations and groups. When someone comes to the pantry we can also assess their current needs and direct them to the other sources of help they may qualify for. We do not cover electric or heating bills but we know of 3 other organizations that do so we can get them set up with an appointment. We do not handle any medical issues but if they appear to need some sort of medical evaluation we can get an appointment set up with the FACS to get things rolling. We have some service professionals and a VSO at the pantry so assistance can be obtained faster and more conveniently.

We currently are assisting well over 150 families every week with groceries, clothing, household items and furniture. All our help is anonymous and your information is never shared without your permission. All you need to do is bring your military ID, VA ID, or DD214 to confirm your service. We strive to adapt what is offered to the ever-changing needs of the military and veteran community to provide the best possible care in an efficient manner and family atmosphere. Our pantry is available 3 days per week and we have fresh foods, frozen foods and shelf stable foods. We carry baby food & diapers, pet foods and supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletries and paper goods.

Volunteers are always needed, not just on pantry days, but all our operational days to help pack care packages, sort donations and shelve them, general organization and for some of our fundraising events. Just give us a call at 610-698-2122 and we will get you set up with something that fits your abilities.